Could Your Testosterone Levels Kill You?

The health effects of lower than normal Testosterone

A recent study in an endocrinology medical journal found that 80% of the 7,000 men tested had less than optimum testosterone levels. This leads to:

– Mild to moderate fatigue

– Lethargy and poor memory

– Tiredness, low stamina

– Low modivation, less competitive

– Abdominal weight gain

– Depression and moodiness

– Sagging physical abilities

Low testosterone can also kill you with an increased risk for premature death from cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attacks. A Swedish study showed an inverse relationship in that low testosterone had higher mortality rates. Moderate low testosterone was noted to be less than 550ng/dl and low was 340ng/dl or less.

Stress causes increased cortisol which inhibits or switches off testosterone levels. Enough stress over a long enough time can actually kill the leydig cells that make testosterone.

Testing for low Testosterone

Blood tests are usually the first step to evaluate testosterone levels. The blood ranges for normal are very broad and do not account for low normal testosterone even when the numbers are in the normal range.

Saliva testing is better because it looks at the cortisol levels as well as other hormones.


Just prescribing testosterone in a low normal testosterone patient is typically not as effect as it should be. If diet, nutrition, exercises, metabolism, and stress factors are not addressed than there is a strong possibility that the testosterone prescribed will aromatise in the abdominal fat cells and actually be converted to an estrogen which will make matters even worse. Blood tests are terrible in identifying aromatization which is why most doctors fail to help their patients with just a simple testosterone prescription.

The naturopathic approach of added testosterone, controlling aromatization (estrafication), diet and lifestyle changes is the best way to make a new man out of a fat, tired hound dog.

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