Tired of Counting Sheep?

Well the research is in on insomnia and poor sleep; and it isn’t good. The American Journal of Epidemiology found that poor sleep and a poor circadian rhythm was very unhealthy and eventually could kill you.

This article showed that poor sleep lead to a 74% increase in bladder cancer, 76% increase in lung cancer, 103% increase in colon cancer, 109% increase in rectal cancer, 127% increase in pancreatic cancer and 177% increase in prostate cancer.

In addition to cancer we also know that poor sleep contributes to hormone imbalances and weight gain as well as depression and a large number of other diseases. In fact, there is not one single condition that is helped or benefited by poor sleep and insomnia. The causes and treatment for insomnia is not as simple as take a pill and we will knock you out. It is a multifaceted approach of correcting hormones, re-balancing diet and stress as well as using several nutritional remedies.

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