First Steps after an Accident

Immediately following a car accident, there are a few important steps to remember.

  1. If someone is injured, call 911 immediately.
  2. Get to a safe place and out of the way of other traffic.
  3. Collect insurance information from each driver involved in the accident.
    1. Name, Address, & Phone Number
    2. Insurance Company Name
    3. Insurance Policy Number
    4. Make & Model of Cars, with License Plate Numbers
  4. Take pictures of car damage if possible.
  5. As a general rule, do not admit fault for the accident to other involved parties.
  6. Be kind to all involved. Accidents are tough for everybody.
Filing an Insurance Claim

Filing an Insurance Claim can be confusing. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

  1. Information your Insurance Company may request when you call to report an accident:
    1. Your Policy Number
    2. The Date and Time of the Accident
    3. The Insurance information of all other involved parties
    4. Driver Names and License Numbers of all involved parties
    5. Contact information for Drivers, Passengers, and Witnesses
  2. How a typical Claim Process Works
    1. You report an accident
    2. You are assigned to a claim manager, who will assist you through the process
    3. Your claim will be assessed, and a determination made
    4. Your claim will either be denied based on evidence, or opened for resolution
    5. If your claim is opened, you will receive reimbursement for auto damages and medical treatment, based upon your policy agreements
Getting Proper Treatment

If you are injured in a car accident, and decline to be taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation, make sure you remain conscious of what your body is telling you.

Even minor car accidents can result in spinal injuries. Whiplash symptoms can take several days to show themselves. If you begin to feel tightness and pain in your neck or back within several days of your accident, you may well be suffering from a spinal injuries, and should consider spinal realignment treatment.

At Lakewood Family Medicine and Chiropractic, we are dedicated to getting you feeling better and back to your daily activities as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing back pain as a result of a car accident, you will receive a full diagnostic evaluation, including x-rays and a physical examination, after which you will receive treatment tailored to your unique injuries.

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It can certainly be a schedule changing event, if not a life changing event, when you are suddenly and unexpectedly involved in a motor vehicle accident. You will have to get estimates on your vehicles damages and then leave your vehicle at a repair shop to get it fixed, or worse yet, spend hours looking for a new vehicle.

Getting your car repaired is time consuming and stressful enough, but to have to do it feeling headachy, stiff, sore and tired after sleepless, uncomfortable nights is even more stressful. It certainly stands to reason that you do not want your health care to be stressful as well.


Dr. Young and the staff at Lakewood Family Medicine want you to have a positive experience towards recovering your health and healing your injuries after a car accident. Your treatments will be relaxing and effective as the best of physical medicine is combined with chiropractic and medical massage therapy in a coordinated, seamless treatment plan. No more traveling to different offices for medical exams, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, or massage therapy. It is all here, under one roof and in one treatment plan.

If you have need of an attorney to help you settle your claim, Dr. Young and his professional staff will cooperate with your attorney or insurance agent to provide them with reports of injury and how well you are recovering.


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