Magnesium as a Supplement

Proper levels of magnesium are necessary for your body to remain healthy. Magnesium is critical to your body’s nerve function, blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and even in the production of protein and bone. Magnesium is a very important  player in helping your body to absorb other essential nutrients such as calcium and potassium.

Because of it’s many functions, magnesium supplements can be effective in treating many health problems including muscle cramps, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, migraine headaches, and cardiovascular disease.

It is important to maintain a healthy level of magnesium for your body to function properly, and for you to remain healthy. Nuts, vegetables, and whole grains are a natural way to intake magnesium, with almonds topping the list. If you are interested in a magnesium supplement, our office carries a powdered supplement that when added to water makes a delicious, nutritious drink that all ages will enjoy.

To learn more about magnesium, and it’s benefits; along with a more detailed list of nutrition sources visit this Source, or better yet, stop by the office and meet our doctors!

Need Thyroid Answers?

Symptom List

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Nervousness
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Weight Gain
  • Cold Extremities
  • Hair Loss
  • Dry Skin
  • Heart Palpations
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea

Thyroid Disorders & Unbalanced Hormones

Do you suffer from the symptoms listed here? Perhaps you have even been told that your thyroid tests are within the "normal" range. You may want to know that testing does not always reveal the extent of the problem. Often individuals fall into a category that is considered "normal" but is still creating symptoms and health issues in their life. We provide treatment for this "subclinical" condition!

The symptoms listed here are symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid or hormone imbalance. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, reserve your seat at our FREE Wellness Workshop, and learn more about the effects of hormone imbalance on your body, and what can be done about it.

By attending the FREE Workshop, you will be eligible to receive a FREE One on One Evaluation with one of our experienced and qualified physicians.

If you are someone who wants to do more research on your own, and want to find out why your tests may be coming back "normal" while you suffer from remaining symptoms; Visit This Website.

If you are tired of the symptoms of hormone imbalance, or tired of being told that you are at a "normal" level, RESERVE YOUR SEAT at our next WORKSHOP by calling 253.594.1144 TODAY!

Tired of Counting Sheep?

Well the research is in on insomnia and poor sleep; and it isn’t good. The American Journal of Epidemiology found that poor sleep and a poor circadian rhythm was very unhealthy and eventually could kill you.

This article showed that poor sleep lead to a 74% increase in bladder cancer, 76% increase in lung cancer, 103% increase in colon cancer, 109% increase in rectal cancer, 127% increase in pancreatic cancer and 177% increase in prostate cancer.

In addition to cancer we also know that poor sleep contributes to hormone imbalances and weight gain as well as depression and a large number of other diseases. In fact, there is not one single condition that is helped or benefited by poor sleep and insomnia. The causes and treatment for insomnia is not as simple as take a pill and we will knock you out. It is a multifaceted approach of correcting hormones, re-balancing diet and stress as well as using several nutritional remedies.

Reviews, Registration, And Relaxation

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Please remember that we are offering seminars and lectures this year. Each month is scheduled with 3 dates for you to show up and learn more about getting and staying healthy. Our next seminar is on February 10th at 6:30PM. The topic is Weight Loss. Come and bring a friend! REGISTER HERE.

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Massage Gift Card FrontGive the Gift of Relaxation!

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Perfect Posture

Neck Strain ComputerIn the age of technology, the way you carry yourself may be more important than ever. Many of us now hold jobs which require hours of sitting in front of a computer screen and/or repetitive motions such as typing or using a mouse pointer. If this is you, make sure you are aware of your posture, and how it affects your health. Many aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, and back can be avoided by making a point to maintain proper, healthy posture. To learn more, READ THIS.



“POPPING” Your Back

POPHave you ever wondered what makes that audible “POP” when your back is adjusted? It’s an interesting phenomenon called “cavitation”, and it’s not nearly as intimidating as it sounds.


A cavitation is “the formation of an empty space or vacuum within a liquid or solid.” In the case of your spine, this space is created in the synovial fluid of your spinal joints during manipulation. The “pop” you hear is this gas escaping.


Not to worry, though, this “POP” is simply audible confirmation that your chiropractor has successfully shifted your spine back into it’s correct position.


Just because you hear this sound does not mean you have correctly “adjusted” your spine, however. For all of you who try to recreate this phenomenon at home, beware. Your chiropractor has trained and studied for years to learn the proper and safe manipulation techniques that get you feeling great! “Popping” your own back can be hazardous to your health!

Lecture Series Begins

Dr. Young begins his Lecture Series tomorrow! The topic is Weight Loss (A Hormone Perspective).  Please join us at the office at 6:30 PM to learn what Dr. Young has researched and observed in his many years of practicing natural medicine! Please bring your family, friends and questions!

Lecture Series

 Dr. Young is planning a 12 month lecture series that will begin on the third Tuesday of February. On the third Tuesday of each following month, beginning at 6:30 pm, Dr. Young will deliver an interactive lecture on topics ranging from Hormones to Joint and Muscle Pain. He looks forward to addressing health issues that are relevant to the world we live in. It will be an educational time for all who choose to attend. In the weeks prior to February 21, Dr. Young’s patients will receive a postcard syllabus of the lecture series. If you would like to be part of this, send an email to, and we will put you on the mailing list.

Family, Friends, and Questions are all WELCOME!


Whiplash injuries can occur in almost all car accidents and even in many slip and fall accidents. Frequently after a neck injury people may feel little or no pain for several days. Symptoms of headaches, neck and shoulder and even arm pain can take several weeks to fully manifest. If early treatment is delayed it may cause the condition to become chronic and even create debilitation.

Of all the health practitioners who treat whiplash injuries, chiropractors do the job quite well. One study found that chiropractors were effective at relieving whiplash pain more than 90% of the time.

I have over 25 years of experience treating car accident injuries and working with patients, attorneys and insurance claim managers to insure that everyone gets the documentation they need for a fair settlement.

My office is a multidisciplinary office offering chiropractic, naturopathic medical services, physical therapy, massage therapy as well as multiple other therapies such as spinal decompression, medical laser and ultrasound therapy.

The beauty of having your injuries treated in my office is that you do not need to decide if you need a different office for your pain or for exercise rehab; we put the whole program together for you, picking and choosing those therapies and prescriptions which would be best for you.

This is the way health care should be. If you went to a mechanic, you wouldn’t want to have to decide if you prefer the mechanic with the wrench or the one with the hammer. You want the one with all of the tools. That is what I offer at my office.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is not only a sensitive subject for many people struggling through fad diets, but also because it is so hard on their health.

Being overweight may not simply be a factor of over eating and under exercising. Many patients have found over the years that simply reducing their food intake does not work and that exercise leaves them tired and unable to keep up with the rest of their lives.

Dr. Young, using naturopathic medical testing, can help you put away the fad diets and get beyond the weight gain, weight loss yoyo that most program diets result in.

With a proper diet and good, healthy nutrition, you need not feel tired and depleted as you go through the weight loss program. In fact, many patients note better energy and experience better health as blood sugar levels normalize and metabolism increases. During weight loss, it is also important to identify and correct sub-clinical hormone imbalances which can be a major contributing factor in weight gain if they are not properly addressed.


Recently, I had a number of people over 45 years old coming in and complaining of heartburn and too much stomach acid. Most were getting help with antacid pills but this is such a wrong direction to take.

The vast majority of these patients do not need to take anti acid pills because in most cases they actually have too little stomach acid.

Let me explain. Stomach acid is one of the hardest, most complicated things for the body to make. As we get under stress and as we age, we don’t make quite as much. Because of this, it takes longer for food to digest and so the partly digested food has an opportunity to bubble up into the esophagus and give us heartburn.

By improving your digestion, we not only fix the heartburn, but we also become healthier because when we have poor digestion and when we use anti acid medications, we get less vitamin and mineral absorption from our foods so that we repair less, grow weaker and become more unhealthy.

By taking Dr. Young’s approach, you will improve your digestion and maximize your body’s ability to repair and stay healthy.

Bio-Identical Hormones

Hormone replacement therapy has gotten to be a scary scene for women suffering hormone imbalances and hot flashes. With prescription hormones having been proven to be a cause of cancer and with the over the counter products being far to weak to have a significant effect, there is a dilemma as to what to do.

Dr. Young uses specialized saliva testing in order to assess the current status of your hormones and then the prescribes specialized bio-identical hormones which have to be made up individually by a compounding pharmacist.

Bio-identical hormones, along with special diets and nutritionals are very effective in solving a variety of female problems from fatigue to hot flashes, menstrual irregularities and poor sleep.

Bio-identical hormones have not been associated with cancer or heart disease. In fact, in proper doses the may even be protective as the help women lead healthier, happier and more balanced lives.

Care For Your ENTIRE Body

Low back pain, especially from a disc herniation can be one of the most life changing medical conditions a person can have. Going from office to office, visiting their primary care doctor, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and chiropractors can be time consuming, expensive and for the most part, not very helpful.

What Dr. Young has done is combine medical services for pain and spasm with chiropractic and with physical therapy so it is literally one stop shopping at his office.

No other clinic in the region offers this level of integrated services for patients with neck, shoulder, or back pain. No other clinic offers such a wide choice of services and therapies to select from.

Dr. Young’s comprehensive clinic offers all kinds of pain management medications and therapies. Medical laser therapy, as well as spinal decompression therapy, are also a part of his arsenal of tools.

If you are considering surgery, or if you are wanting to avoid it as best as possible, a consultation with Dr. Young should be your highest priority.