Chiropractic Health Care is now over one hundred years old in the United States and has grown to be the largest, non-drug health profession in the world.

Chiropractic care has its roots in ancient Greece, China and Japan. Socrates himself opined that modern medicine would turn away from drugs and focus on nutrition, mental health and the care of the spine and structure of the human body.

Dr. Young practices a very modern and diverse type of chiropractic care. From manual manipulation to painless stress free techniques, Dr. Young can work with you to select the best technique that will work the quickest and most effective way to heal and strengthen your body.

Dr. Young and Lakewood Family Medicine and Chiropractic are totally unique in that Dr. Young believes it is not enough to do just chiropractic manipulation on a patient. He knows that massage and muscle therapies are needed to reduce spasm and muscle pain and exercises are needed to build strength and stability.

Lakewood Family Medicine and Chiropractic offer naturopathic and general medical services as well as physical therapy and massage therapy in order to provide you with outstanding and reasonably priced health care.

Conditions Treated With Chiropractic

• Automobile accident injuries
• Work and Department of Labor & Industries injuries
• Home sprain and strain injuries
• Headaches and neck pain
• Numbness in hands and feet
• Pain in legs and arms
• TJM (jaw) pain
• Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain
• Hip, low back, knee and foot pain
• Muscle pain