General Medicine Overview

How the Process Works

Becoming a Patient

Diagnosing the cause of your medical problem or pain is our first concern. A thorough history and examination may include x-rays, muscle and organ function studies, orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic evaluations and blood work as well as other laboratory studies needed to make the correct diagnosis and determine the proper treatment recommendations.

The following diagnostics are offered by Lakewood Family Medicine:

Comprehensive physical examinations

Muscle and joint testing

Any necessary blood tests such as liver, kidney, heart, cholesterol and hormone tests

Orthopedic and Chiropractic spinal evaluations

In house x-rays services

Allergy and nutritional testing

If, after your evaluation, it is determined that Dr. Young can effectively treat your condition, you will be accepted as a patient. If Dr. Young is not able to help you or if you need the services of another specialist, Dr. Young can provide you with the appropriate referral. It is our policy to only accept those patients that we truly believe that we can help.

If you are accepted for care, Dr. Young will explain your condition and the prescribed approach to your recovery.

Our Therapies

Natural and Alternative

Exercise Therapy and Rehab

Not only is Dr. Young licensed as a chiropractor, he has an advanced diplomate in physiotherapy and he is a naturopathic medical doctor able to prescribe needed medications, treatment and rehabilitation therapy.

Exercise therapy is a key component of spine and joint therapy. Reconditioning and strengthening the muscles around the injured area provides the body with the stability it needs to heal properly. Exercise therapy is also important to avoid re-injury. Training and strengthening your muscles allows you to go back to work and back to your life without putting excess strain on the healed joint.