Medical Massage Therapy

Lakewood Family Medicine and Chiropractic is associated with highly skilled, professionally licensed medical massage therapists. Our therapists have been trained and board qualified by the State of Washington for techniques ranging from relaxation message to deep trigger point release and muscle therapy.


Medical massage therapists are trained to locate and treat injured, tight and spasmed muscles. Massage therapy can reduce the congestion and swelling in the muscles, push out lactic acid and metabolic waste products and bring in more circulation and oxygenation to the muscles.

These techniques not only help the muscles relax and heal faster but they help the overall therapy by allowing the chiropractic adjustments to work more effectively by not having to push so aggressively against tight, stiff muscles and they help the physical therapist by allowing muscles to exercise and stretch more readily.


The massage therapists, like all the therapists and doctors at Lakewood Family Medicine and Chiropractic, are people orientated. They like positive feed back before and after each treatment session as they strive to provide the ideal massage therapy experience just for you.



Conditions Treated by Massage Therapy


  • Car accidents involving muscle spasm and pain.


  • Work injuries that result in muscle and joint pain and sprain.


  • Stress


  • Poor circulation such as swollen ankles and arms due to high blood pressure or edema.


  • Tight neck, shoulders, low back and pelvic muscles.


  • Pre and post pregnancy pain and muscle tightness.



Payment for Massage Therapy Services


  • With a prescription from any doctor including your Primary Care Physician, you can bill massage therapy services directly to your insurance company if the service is medically necessary.


  • For auto accidents with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, you can self refer and if you do not have PIP coverage but you do have a note from your attorney you can self refer also.


  • Work injuries and medical insurance coverage will pay the majority of massage therapy claims and our therapists are trained to help you submit your claim as well as work with your claim managers.


  • Relaxation massages are not reimbursable by medical insurance but are very desirable as gifts. Discounted coupons are available year round to use as a gift to yourself or someone you love.